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Best Essential Oils Online Store

Best Essential Oils Online Store in Singapore

Best essential oils online store in Singapore? Check out Singapore Soap! We have a wide range of quality pure essential oils for you to choose from and at some of the most affordable prices in Singapore too!

Looking for where to buy essential oils in Singapore or the best online store in Singapore to buy essential oils? Search no more! Singapore Soap is the best essential oil store in Singapore. Check out some of our 100% pure essential oils that you can buy online now or view our online store for the full range of essential oils!

Tea Tree Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Lemongrass Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Grapefruit Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Camphor Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Rosemary Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Eucalyptus Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Bergamot Essential Oil (100% Pure) – Bergaptene Free


Lime Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Clove Bud Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Geranium Essential Oil (100% Pure)


What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the powerhouses of natural remedies. From pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial to antiviral properties, they are one of the most versatile and holistic healing tools you could easily obtain and they are readily available online for purchase. Essential oils are a lifestyle, not a remedy for when one is sick only. You can use them everyday for any reason, or not reason at all.  Just bear in mind that to maximize the benefits of your essential oil, you need to first ensure that they are 100% pure and natural essential oils unadulterated / diluted.

Throughout history, essential oils have been used medicinally with some of the proposed applications (by those who sell medicinal oils) ranging from skin treatments to remedies for cancer and often are based on historical accounts of use of essential oils for these purposes. If you are looking for the best online store in Singapore to purchase essential oils, Singapore Soap is your best choice. There are a wide range of high quality pure essential oils for you to choose and the prices are some of the most affordable in Singapore too!

Best Essential Oil Online Shop

Recognizing the function of smell and how it impacts every aspect of our lives, helps you to understand how and why essential oils have such a profound effect on us. The sense of smell is inextricably linked to survival and is closely linked to memory and emotions. To demonstrate how emotions and scent are linked, it’s been found that people who have lost their ability to smell, called anosmia, have a higher chance of developing depression and anxiety.

If you are looking for top quality essential oils that are priced affordably, Singapore Soap is your best choice! At Singapore Soap, our essential oils are 100% pure. You can simply select and purchase the essential oils thru our online store and get it shipped to your doorstep in just a click of your mouse.

To experience the world of hearing essential oils, all it take is the motivation to do so, buy a few oils from our online store and learn about the use of the oils you purchase. Aromatherapy offers a lot of room to discover and explore once you get started. Learn to feel and experience how pure essential oil can make you feel, both in your emotions and in your health.

Spearmint Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Tea Tree Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Peppermint Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Carrot Seed Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Ginger Root Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Geranium Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Frankincense Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Camphor Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Lime Essential Oil (100% Pure)


Rose Essential Oil Absolute


Lemon Essential Oil (100% Pure)



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