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Best Linen Spray for Sheets in Singapore

Best Linen Spray for Sheets

Best Linen Spray for Sheets in Singapore

I for one simply love the smell of a freshly made bed and clean lovely smelling linen. If you are not already aware, you can easily recreate that sensation by using a linen spray to freshen up your bedsheet or double as a room spray to make your bedroom smell wonderful. Looking for the best linen sprays to keep your sheets and laundry smelling fresh? Check out our room and linen sprays below!

What is a Linen Spray?

A linen spray is a great household aromatherapy product that makes your laundered clothes and bedsheets smell fresh and lovely. Usually packaged in a spray bottle, a fine mist of the product can be sprayed over your linens, towels, soft furnishings, clothes and carpets. It can also be used as an air freshener for your home and car.

Can Linen Spray Be Used for Other Purposes?

Studies have revealed that our sense of smell is closely related to the parts of the brain that process emotions and memories. Breathing in a pleasant scent stimulates your central nervous system and can have de-stressing and soothing properties. Using a linen spray, which is a great multipurpose deodorizer, can help you achieve that. Here are some excellent applications for a linen spray to quickly eliminate undesired odors for a pleasant scent.

Fabric Furnishings and Carpet

Spritz your soft fabric furnishings such as throw pillows, sofa cushions and carpets with a linen spray to breathe new life into them.

Air Freshener

Have guests coming over at short notice and you have no time to thoroughly clean the place? Spray some linen spray into the air like an air freshener to quickly give a pleasant fragrance to the whole room.

Clothing Freshener

Refresh your clothes to mask away food or smoke odors by spritzing them with a pleasant smelling linen spray.

Travel Use

Who doesn’t love traveling? Problem trying to sleep in a foreign unfamiliar bed? Use a linen spray on the hotel bedding to give a pleasant and familiar scent to remind you of home.

Where to Buy Linen Spray in Singapore?

Everyone loves a great-smelling surrounding. Keeping your bed sheets and pillows smelling fresh between washes will make going to bed at night all the more pleasant. Soft furnishings and carpets can also be spritzed with linen spray to freshen them and provide a pleasing fragrance in the room.  If you are looking for the best linen spray for sheets that double up as a room spray, check out our room and linen sprays made locally in Singapore below.

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