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FAQs: What is Beeswax Used For

What is Beeswax Used For

What is Beeswax Used For?

Beeswax, a product made from the honeycomb of the honeybee, is an amazingly multipurpose product with seemingly never ending array of uses. From lip balm to candle wax, and even as plastic-free food storage, beeswax is an environmentally friendly material that will never go out of style or out of use.

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What is Beeswax?

Beeswax is the oldest and purest wax in the world. It is used in a wide variety of cosmetics as an emulsifier, emollient, and moisturizer with many other industries using it too.

At honey harvest time, the honeycombs are carefully opened to allow for honey to drain from the comb. The bees seal the honey into the combs with wax capping placed over every cell filled with honey. This capping is removed at harvest and is used in the production of beeswax.

With its high water-holding capacity, it is great for lotions, lip balms and skin care products. Beeswax soothes and softens the skin, protects it from dehydration and provides antibacterial properties. And since beeswax candles emit very little smoke, it is great for making candles too.

Beeswax is edible too, having similarly negligible toxicity to plant waxes, and is approved for food use in most countries and in the European Union under the E number E901.

Uses of Beeswax

  • Natural wax candles
  • For Paschal candle or Easter candle
  • For binder in encaustic paint
  • For stabiliser in body paint
  • Helps wooden drawers to slide
  • Organic surfboard wax
  • As a sewing aid
  • Makes zippers easier to zip
  • Sealing envelopes with wax
  • Natural wood furniture polish
  • Season cast iron
  • Prevent bronze tarnishing
  • Natural scented wax melts
  • Making herbal wax sachets
  • For canning to seal jars
  • Natural food wraps
  • Natural coating for cheese
  • For fruit glazing agent
  • For soft gelatin capsules and tablets coating
  • For natural chewing gum
  • Natural non-stick pan coating
  • Lubricant for wood screws and nails
  • Traditional water proofer
  • For fire starters
  • Making lip balm
  • Making lip stick
  • To ease cracked heels
  • Homemade dog paw balm
  • Make a luxurious body butter
  • Natural diaper der
  • DIY Lotion or Soap
  • For hair care and pomade
  • For beard balms
  • For beeswax salves
  • For bug bite and sting balm
  • Protect surface of tambourines
  • For batik art
  • For natural non-toxic crayons
  • Used for plant grafting
  • Waterproofing your shoes
  • Waterproofing matches
  • Reduces friction on bow strings
  • Great for preserving leaves
  • Making ornaments
  • Many applications in the cosmetic industry

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