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Homemade Dust Mite Repellent

Homemade Dust Mite Repellent

Homemade Dust Mite Repellent Recipe

House dust mites (HDM, or simply dust mites) are mites found in association with dust in dwellings. They are known for causing allergy and are invisible to the human eye without a 10 times magnifying glass.

Dust mites are not pretty and live among us in our home and bedroom. They are commonly found on our bed sheets, pillows and mattresses. Are you wondering why they are there? They are feasting on our dead skin cells that fall off when we sleep and just like us, they like it warm and humid, especially in Singapore weather.

The best protection against dust mites are to wash your sheets, pillows and mattress covers in hot water and there are also a variety of dust mite protectors available in the market. To supplement that, you can also make a DIY homemade dust mite repellent!

Our homemade dust mite repellent spray is easy to make with just a few simple ingredients.

Ingredients and tools: 


  1. Prepare and clean your PET plastic spray bottle.
  2. Add basil and lemongrass essential oils into the bottle.
  3. Add vegetable glycerin into the bottle.
  4. Fill bottle with distilled water.
  5. Shake to combine ingredients.

How to use:

Shake the solution (with the ingredients) well and you can use it immediately. Keep the sheets down and lightly spray your pillows and sheet and air dry. You can also leave the leftover in the bottle and use it anytime. Just remember to shake well before use and keep it tightly capped in a cool and dark place. Discard after 4 months and make a new batch when needed.



Image credit: Gilles San Martin from Namur, Belgium / CC BY-SA

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