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To register new account, select the “register” tab beside the “Login” tab.

** Password Note: If you are using a mobile device e.g. mobile phone during registration, your password might be Auto-Cap for the first alphabet e.g. “abcd1234″ to “Abcd1234″ due to the Auto-Capitalized setting in your device when entering the password. You may want to retry with CAP for the first alphabet. 

** Registration Email: If you are unable to locate the account registration / password reset email, check your spam folder. There are occasions when our emails (sent via the popular wordpress system) are automatically moved by the email provider into the spam folders. To ensure that you will receive our emails, please add “admin@singaporesoap.com” as a new contact in your email provider. 

For instructions on yahoo email, click here.  

If you need help, drop us an sms or whatsapp @ 94832196 and we will be glad to assist you along. Cheers!