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Melt and Pour Soap Base Manufacturer

Melt and Pour Soap Base Manufacturer

Melt and Pour Soap Base Manufacturer

Singapore Soap was established in 2014 as an artisan soap manufacturer and soap making supplies seller. We focus on the production of natural, healthy, eco-friendly and quality products. Since our establishment, we have been striving to increase our product range and quality.

Singapore Soap is now a Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) in Singapore that manufactures melt and pour glycerine soap base, along with other soap based products locally. If you are looking for bulk wholesale purchase of clear (also known as transparent or opaque) soap bases and white glycerin soap bases, you can buy direct at manufacturer price in Singapore from us.

Good Soap Base Manufacturing Practice

Soap bases (also known as melt and pour or glycerin soap) allows the soapmaker to concentrate more on the aesthetic aspects of soap making. Unlike cold process soap, soap bases are ready made soap that’s remeltable. It avoids the need for soap makers to handle lye, a hazardous and very caustic chemical. Now with soap bases, even children can enjoy soap making under adult supervision.

Unlike cold-processed soap, which requires a period of “curing” to allow saponification to complete and excess water to evaporate, melt and pour soap bases are completed and ready for use once the base has cooled and hardened. This remeltable base is naturally rich in glycerine, a by-product of saponification which has good humectant and emollient properties, whereas commercial soap bars have often had this component removed.

At Singapore Soap, our soap bases are manufactured from all natural vegetable oils without using alcohol as a solvent or animal fats. It can be handled safely and are considered environmentally friendly. To avoid any potential irritant to skin, we also do not use any hazardous ingredients foam booster, clarifying and neutralizing agents in our soap base production.

Customized Soap Bases

At Singapore Soap, we can produce soap bases in varying sizes and capacity. Each batch of soap bases are made with our very own unique formulation to ensure that our products are of the highest standards. We take pride in our soap manufacturing process and soap based products. Our customers’ wellness is our top priority.

Singapore Soap is a artisan soap producer and castile soap manufacturer. We are also a supplier of soap and candle making ingredients meeting the demands of local artisans in Singapore and worldwide.

Looking for the finest quality and various glycerin melt and pour soap base for DIY personal soap market? Consider Singapore Soap’s melt and soap bases made with our specially custom designed formula that’s moisturizing, rich foaming with luxurious lather and made without any SLS, SLES and preservative.



Singapore Soap is a wholesale supplier for soap making supplies, candle making supplies and manufacturer of natural castile soap, melt and pour soap bases, liquid soap bases and hand sanitizer in Singapore. We carefully source and select quality and cost effective ingredients to ensure our customers receives only the best quality products at the most economical wholesale price. You can also learn to make your own DIY soap with our soap making lessons in Singapore. We conduct soap making classes for soap makers to learn how to make soap. Join our easy-to-learn classes and learn the benefits of why handmade soap are better and healthier for you.

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