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Looking to start your own aromatherapy company? Having a unique private label essential oil contact manufacturer and filler can help ease your market entry and lower your cost. Differentiate your company from the competition with your own custom label EO. Whether you are looking to fully customise your essential oil label or seeking to emulate an existing product in the market, our product development team can help you succeed. At Singapore Soap ,we have the tools and ability to customize and fill the essential oil you need. Our wide range of all-natural 100% pure essential oils and customization options allows you to launch your own logo or label essential oils in no time. Simply label or package any of our essential oils under your brand and you are ready to sell.

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Let Us Manufacture Your Private Label Essential Oils!

Singapore Soap is excited to partner with you to produce your private label essential oils. Imagine your brand and logo on the best quality essential oils, aromatherapy blends, massage oils, lotions and aromatherapy products. Talk to us about your needs and concerns. Experience the Singapore Soap difference. Contact us online or call 9483 2196 to begin your private label EO journey today!
How long will delivery take?

Singapore Soap stocks a wide range of bulk essential oils as we are a wholesale supplier of 100% pure essential oil in Singapore. As our essential oils are fast moving consumer products, they are turn over in a short time ensuring freshness. Private label essential oils orders takes around 2 to 4 weeks from the start of an order till delivery. Once your order is placed, we will start the process of contract manufacturing, filling and labeling (if required). We will do all the hard work, while you concentrate on building your business and marketing.

Can Singapore Soap manufacture aromatherapy blends using our custom recipe?

Yes, Singapore Soap can manufacture your OEM aromatherapy blend using your custom recipe provided, subjected to the stock availability of your custom ingredients needed. Once the order is placed with us, we will blend, fill and deliver your aromatherapy blend ready for label as a one stop station private label aromatherapy blend supplier. The cost of a customized EO blend manufacturing will be provided to you by calculating based on the ingredients needed. Rest assured that the cost will be competitive by getting it produced by Singapore Soap. We are a wholesale supplier of 100% pure essential oils in Singapore.

Are you able to provide the essential oil labels as well?

Yes, Singapore Soap is a one stop private label essential oils manufacturer in Singapore. Not only do we produce the ready to label essential oil for you, we can also print and label your EO bottles as well. The end product essential oil are pre-filled in ‘ready-to-label’ glass bottle or ‘ready-to-market’ bottle with printed labels containing your custom logo and label design at a nominal cost. Contact us to discuss what are the different options available for you. Once an order is placed with us, we will handle all the production needs and send you the ready product.

Can Singapore Soap produce OEM massage oils, essential oil roll-ons?

Yes, Singapore Soap can help you produce your very own private label massage oils, essential oil inhalers, essential oil roll-ons and more. We have a wide range of essential oils available and the ability to customize your EO requirement for massage, rollers and more. Contact us to discuss how Singapore Soap can help you launch your own aromatherapy business in no time.

Are you able to produce other private label personal care products?

Sure! Singapore Soap produces high-quality quality bath products, including custom bath bombs, soaps, lip balm, essential oils and more. Feel free to contact us about your needs for all of these products and to private label them with your brand and design. We’ve already spent the time formulating, batching, and manufacturing these products so you can simply label and package it all and launch your new line of ready-to-sell products.

Can I request for Singapore Soap to formulate our private label product recipe?

Yes, you can. While Singapore Soap has ready to make recipes, we understand that some customers prefer to use their own recipe but are actually unsure how to formulate a recipe. Don’t worry, we can help to formulate, customize a one-off recipe specially for your company for a nominal cost. Feel free to contact us to know more.

How Private Label Essential Oils Works

  • Decide on the essential oils needed and whether you need 'ready for label' or 'ready for market' private label EO solution.
  • For ready for market, we can create and print labels for you for a one-time fee or you can provide us with your labels and packaging materials.
  • We then bottle, cap, label and pack your order and ship to you or your destination of choice.
  • We can handle both small orders (100 or so bottles) and large orders (1,000+). Usually 10ml or 15ml bottles but other sizes available.
  • It’s that easy! Simply contact us to discuss about your requirements!