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Singapore Soap Class: Soap Making Lessons

Singapore Soap Class: Soap Making Lessons

Singapore Soap Class

Singapore Soap Class: Looking for soap making class?

Learn to make soap classes are conducted at Singapore Soap. We have cold process soap making classes which are easy to follow.  Start making your own DIY cold process handmade soap today!

Soap Making Class

Cold Process Soap Making Workshop and Class in Singapore – Natural cold process soap are the best!

Packed rich with natural wholesome ingredients, handcrafted soaps made from vegetable oils (with no animal fats) are skin loving and great for eczema, psoriasis or dry and sensitive skin.

Are you looking for soap making classes to learn how to make DIY cold process soap for your family and friends? Are you a regular soap maker in Singapore and wish to find a DIY soap making workshop / place in Singapore near you to make your very own DIY CP handmade soap with lye (a.k.a. NaOH / Sodium Hydroxide)? Search no more!

At Singapore Soap, we have the best soap making environment for you to make your own DIY Cold Process soap! You can also buy lye (NaOH / Sodium Hydroxide / Potassium Hydroxide) for use in our workshop at the best price in Singapore!

For new soap makers who have not learned how to make CP soap, no worries! You can register for our cold process soap making courses and start learning how to make your DIY cold process soap which are not harsh like commercial soap.

Learn to Make Soap Classes

Our basic cold process soap making lesson in Singapore is only $100 per student!

Learn how to make soap classes are conducted at Singapore Soap for students to learn how to make your very own handmade cold processed soap. We have soap making lessons in Singapore conducted on both weekdays and weekends.

If you are a seasoned soap maker, come join our advance soap making lesson in Singapore at only $180 per student. This advanced cold process soap making class is an intense soap making class for intermediate and advanced soapmakers.

If you are a beginner, you need to attend our Basic CP soap making class to learn the basics of the cold process method of soap making first. In this advanced soap making class, you will learn advance soap making knowledge, useful tips for soap making, how to make soap using colors & essential oils, soap making recipe calculation and benefits of natural ingredients or additives.

Interested to learn more about our Singapore Soap Class, contact us @ 94832196 between 10.00 am to 7.00 p.m. Mon to Fri.

Singapore Soap Class

At Singapore Soap, we are a manufacturer of handmade soap that are safe and non toxic i.e. free from harsh chemicals like SLS, SLES, paraben. Our handmade soap bars are made using the cold process method and are biodegradable and vegan friendly.

If you are interested to know more about making your own DIY cold process natural handmade soap bars, simply join our Singapore Soap Class and find out how to make soap and the benefits of using real soap.

Handmade soap made from lye and vegetable oils are real soap which are great for skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dry skin. Unlike commercial synthetic cleaners or “soap”, there are no SLES, SLS, Sulfate or Paraben in natural handmade soap.

Join our Singapore Soap Class today and find out more on how to live healthy.


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