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Singapore Soap Base Wholesaler

Singapore Soap Base Wholesaler

Singapore Soap Base Wholesaler

Looking for Singapore Soap Base at Wholesale Prices? Singapore Soap is the leading wholesaler of quality glycerine melt and pour soap base in Singapore. Our skin loving soap bases are made from premium ingredients and wholesale priced for soap makers looking at bulk purchases. If you are looking for premium affordable MP base that does not skim on ingredients, SingaporeSoap.com is the best!

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What are Melt and Pour Soap Bases

“Melt and Pour Soap” is the name given to soap bases that have already undergone the usual soap-making process – in which particular oils are combined with an alkaline solution to create a reaction known as saponification.

Melt and Pour soaps are ready to use; simply melt the base, then pour into a mold, and allow it to set. In other words, Melt and Pour soap is pre-saponified soap that can be used with or without further chemical processing or customization.

Like “true” soap, Melt and Pour soap has been made through the saponification process with a combination of ingredients that are also used in traditional soaps – which might be considered to be more “true” – and these include natural oils as well as lye, thus Melt and Pour soap does not need to have lye added to it, as doing so would be an unnecessary extra step that would cause the soap base to potentially burn the skin.

Additional Glycerin is added to the Melt and Pour soaps, offering more soothing and hydrating properties to the skin. It also helps produce clear soaps that can be easily colored and shaped and that are gentle on the skin, making Melt and Pour soap ideal for use on sensitive skin types.

Benefits of Melt and Pour Soap Bases

The foremost benefit of using Melt and Pour soap bases is that the user does not have to deal with the caustic substance known as Lye, as it has already been incorporated into the soap base in advance.

The soap base already has the lye mixed in and neutralized, so there is no handling of dangerous chemicals. Even your kids can get in on the fun! No risk of chemical spills or burns or lye fumes.

The user-friendly nature of Melt and Pour soap is another benefit of these bases, as this method makes it uncomplicated to quickly achieve professional-quality soap bars with luxurious appearances, scents, and textures, all of which can be customized with a wide variety of artistic possibilities.

In cold process soap making, the oils & lye combine together in a chemical process called saponification. That process can produce high heat and harsh conditions for delicate scents & oils. Most times the therapeutic benefits of essential oils get destroyed in the process and delicate scents can disappear. In glycerin soap, what you put in is pretty much what you get. You can use less fragrance & essential oil because of this.

Delicate dried flower petals which normally turn black right away when interacting with lye will keep their colors in melt & pour soap (at least for a little while, they will eventually turn brown). The coloring you add in cold process soap can be effected and changed by the saponification process. In glycerin soap, unless the fragrance interferes, the color will stay the same.

Another key benefit of Melt and Pour soap bases is that, unlike cold-processed soaps, the final product does not require a curing period, that is to say there is no days- or weeks-long stretch of time during which the soap must be left untouched in order for the lye to be neutralized and for the saponification process to be completed.

Once Melt and Pour soaps have been removed from their molds, they are ready to use immediately.

How to Use Melt and Pour Soap Base?

Begin by placing the chosen soap base on a clean cutting board and slicing the soap base into small chunks with the aid of a large, clean knife.

Next, place the chunks in a clean container that is heat-safe for use in a microwave or a double boiler. Heat the soap in short intervals of either 30 seconds or 1 minute at a time to prevent the base from overheating or boiling, stirring gently between intervals. Repeat this heating and stirring process until all the soap has liquified. Noted: Melted base will likely be more than 80 ᵒC (180 ᵒF) and thus must be handled with extra care.

Additives, such as scents, colors, and botanicals, can now be incorporated into the melted soap base (see chart below for suggested usage amounts). Again, it is important to stir them in gently to prevent excess bubbles, although these can be removed with a light spray of rubbing alcohol once the soap has been poured into the mold.

Once the desired additives have been thoroughly combined into the soap base, the mixture can be poured into silicone molds of personal preference. It is important to avoid using glass or metal molds, as these materials can make it difficult to remove the final products. After the mold has been filled, it can be left to begin cooling at room temperature.

Ideally, 4-6 hours will be enough for the soap in the molds to harden enough to be removed. If not, the molds can be placed in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes to facilitate the hardening process, though this should be avoided if possible.

Once unmolded, the soap bars will be ready to use. Any defects can be either smoothed down with a cloth or carefully and neatly sliced off with a knife. A large soap loaf can be further cut into smaller pieces by first turning the loaf onto its side – avoid cutting it from the top down – and using a large knife or soap cutter to slice the loaf vertically on its side.

Wrap the final Melt and Pour soap bars immediately in non-porous packaging, such as cling wrap/film. If a Glycerin soap bar is not wrapped, the soap will be susceptible to sweating and shrinkage.

Finally, before and after use in the shower, store Melt and Pour soaps in a cool, dry place.

Where to Get Soap Base in Singapore?

SingaporeSoap.com is the leading soap base wholesaler in Singapore. Our skin loving and moisturizing soap bases are made from quality ingredients. All our bulk price for soap bases are listed on each of our glycerine soap base product listing. Feel free to contact us for larger wholesale quantity ( > 16 kg).

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