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Sodium Hydroxide Pellets (a.k.a. Lye)

Where to Buy Lye in Singapore

Sodium Hydroxide Pellets (a.k.a. Lye) for Soap Making

Looking for sodium hydroxide pellets for soap making in Singapore? Soap makers in Singapore, unlike other countries e.g. America, are not allowed by law to purchase sodium hydroxide (lye) and potassium hydroxide for use at home. If you are interested in making soap here in Singapore, you will only be able to purchase AND use them in a workshop approved by NEA for lye. To encourage and promote the use of natural soap (made with lye) in Singapore, Singapore Soap had specially dedicated a part of our premise, approved for soap making and soap makers can come to our workshop to buy and use for soap making in our studio.

Sodium hydroxide is a controlled substance under Singapore’s Environmental Protection and Management Act. Unauthorized purchases e.g. buying online from overseas or marketplace platforms and using them under non approved environment could land you in trouble with the law.

For budding soaperpreneurs in Singapore, as mentioned, you can still use our soap making facility to make soap and try to learn more on the proper usage of lye before you start. Lye is a base i.e. a very strong akaline and you should use it with care. Some of the common questions asked by soapers in Singapore will be covered in this blog post.

  • What is Sodium Hydroxide Pellets?
  • Can I buy Sodium Hydroxide in Singapore?
  • Where Can I Buy Caustic Soda in Singapore?
  • Where to Buy Sodium Hydroxide for Soap Making in Singapore?

Check out our blog post on Sodium Hydroxide Pellets (a.k.a. Lye) below.

What is Sodium Hydroxide?

  • Sodium Hydroxide Pellets are used to saponify fats and oils to create soap.
  • Sodium Hydroxide can come in pellets or flake form
  • Sodium Hydroxide flakes are preferred to pellets as it do not cling to you and your tools due to static electricity
  • Sodium Hydroxide is extremely hygroscopic (attracts moisture) and needs to be kept in a sealed container in a cool dry place. If left out, it can attract enough moisture from the air to turn completely liquid!

In case you are not aware Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), also known as lye, is an essential ingredient in the soap making process. When sodium hydroxide pellets (also know as beads) or flakes are mixed with a liquid, a lye solution is created. This solution, when mixed with fats and oils, will cause a chemical reaction called saponification. The result of saponification is beautiful handmade soap. Sodium Hydroxide can come in either pellets (or beads) form or flake forms.

Sodium Hydroxide is also known as lye and caustic soda. Chemically, it is an inorganic compound with a formula NaOH (the compound consisting of sodium cations Na+ and hydroxide anions OH−) [1] Pure sodium hydroxide is highly soluble in water but has a lower solubility in ethanol and methanol.

Sodium Hydroxide Pellets vs Flakes?

Both sodium hydroxide pellets and flakes are the same Lye but in different form. There is always a debate among soap makers on whether Sodium Hydroxide Pellets or Sodium Hydroxide Flakes are superior to one other but personally I prefer Sodium Hydroxide Flakes as Sodium Hydroxide Pellets tends to cling onto you or your tools due to static. This can be a problem as we do not want any residual lye to be clinging onto you when you move away from your soaping area.  So are Sodium Hydroxide Pellets and Sodium Hydroxide Flakes the same? Yes, they are effectively the same ingredient i.e. Sodium Hydroxide, but just in different physical form.

Note of precaution: ALWAYS pour lye slowly in small moderate amount into water, NEVER the other way round. Adding water to lye can cause a volcano-like reaction. No matter whether you are using Sodium Hydroxide Pellets or Sodium Hydroxide Flakes.

Where to Buy Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) in Singapore?

Where to Buy Lye in Singapore? Are you a soap maker looking for how buying lye in SG can be achieved? Are you hoping to find Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic Soda in Singapore to make cold process soap? What exactly is Lye? Why is the soap making folks so fond of lye? And what is Sodium Hydroxide and Caustic Soda? What are they used for? Where can I buy Lye or Sodium Hydroxide in Singapore? Can I make my own soap without lye? There are many ways to make soap, but more commonly used are Hot Process, Cold Process and Melt and Pour Soap Making. it. For hot and cold process soap making, you need lye. Period. It is simply impossible to make real soap without lye or sodium hydroxide because there are no substitution for the purpose of saponification of oil. You need lye to saponify base oils in order for it to turn to soap.

Where to Buy Lye or Sodium Hydroxide?

Looking for where to buy Sodium Hydroxide (lye) in Singapore?

Sodium hydroxide (and potassium hydroxide) are industrial chemicals controlled as a hazardous substances under the Environmental Protection and Management Act (EPMA) and its Regulations. National Environment Agency (NEA) has informed that no individuals are allowed to import/purchase such controlled chemicals for personal/domestic use. Soap makers in Singapore can only get lye by renting a soap making workshop approved by NEA with a license/permit and these workshops must meet the strict safety requirements imposed by the authority and must be located in a B2 category industrial building. 

Looking for lye (sodium hydroxide) to make cold processed soap in Singapore at home is simply impossible. However, as an active promoter of real soap making in Singapore, we have set up a private room for soap makers in Singapore to make soap! Now, you can make soap by simply booking a soap making workshop from us! Hooray soap makers!

Now you can make your own soap, without the headache of how to get lye in Singapore and the need to purchase a whole list of soap making equipment and ingredients to start! So stop worrying about where to buy lye in Singapore and start booking a room for your soap making session.

Simply book our soap making workshop, click here to find out more

Rental rates are at $10 per 20 minute block (Per Person) only with a minimum of 3 blocks per rental (i.e. 60 minutes). (comes with all the basic equipment to make soap) and come on site to make your soap! Additional materials like lye and oils can be purchased at site!



[1] Sodium Hydroxide:

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