Singapore Soap Making Classes & Workshop – Learn how to make your own soap with our soap making classes in Singapore! Singapore Soap conducts soap making workshops and lessons for people who are interested to become soap makers. There are a bunch of ways to make soaps, melt and pour, glycerin, liquid soap, purchasing a soap base, hot process or cold process. Real handmade soap has no added detergents i.e. SLS free, SLES free, which strip the skin of its natural oils. Handmade soap is made through a chemical reaction between oils and lye – sodium hydroxide for soap bars and potassium hydroxide for liquid soap. You can also add additional ingredients to increase the skin loving benefits of your soap. Lye soap made thru cold or hot process are also better for the environment, healthier for the skin and can be made incredibly moisturizing. Join our natural handmade cold process soap-making lessons today and learn to make your very own cold process soap. Register for our soap making classes today and give your family a boost of health with your very own handcrafted, chemical free, wholly natural real soap.

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