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Top 3 Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Acne

Top 3 Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Acne

Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Acne

Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Acne – Tea tree oil is a great alternative to benzoyl peroxide against bacteria that cause acne breakouts. If you are looking for tea tree oil to apply on your acne, read on to find out the benefits & how to use tea tree oil for acne.

Acne can be frustrating, maddening and knock your confidence. When you suffer outbreaks seem to happen at the worst possible moments – it’s embarrassing.

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What is Tea Tree Oil?

Pure tea tree oil (a.k.a TTO, tea tree essential oil or melaleuca oil) is an essential oil extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant, which is native to Southeast Queensland and the Northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia.

The name tea tree is used for several plants, mostly from Australia and New Zealand, from the family Myrtaceae, related to the myrtle.

The indigenous Bundjalung people of eastern Australia use “tea trees” as a traditional medicine by inhaling the oils from the crushed leaves to treat coughs and colds.

They also sprinkle leaves on wounds, after which a poultice is applied. In addition, tea tree leaves are soaked to make an infusion to treat sore throats or skin ailments.

Tea tree oil has been known for its healing and disinfecting properties for over a century and one of nature’s finest antibiotics because it is so effective at killing bacteria and has a fresh camphoraceous aroma.

What is Acne?

Acne is scientifically defined as a chronic inflammatory skin disease. What is means is an on-going, long term skin condition and inflammatory describes the way your immune system reacts to create inflamed, pink-red acne spots.

Acne is a disease of your hair follicles/pores and your sebum/oil glands and requires a combination of 3 things to begin.

Over secretion of sebum or oil – This is one of the reason why oily and combination skin types are more prone to developing acne.

Rate of exfoliation – If your skin is not exfoliate quickly enough – usually your skin cells almost completely sheds every 30 days. When natural exfoliation slows, dead skin cells become trapped inside your pores.

Pore filled plugs of oil and dead skin cells: Clog pores become food for acne causing bacteria – Propionibacterium acnes. As these bacteria grow, they release a type of protein your immune system reacts to, this causes inflammation, which you see as a spot, pimple or acne.

If you have acne, your skin will be plagued with inflammatory spots – these are easy to identify as they cause pink-red inflammation.

They can be painful, they may form a pus filled head, and they may leave brown marks of hyperpigmentation when healed.

Top 3 Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Acne

People have used tea tree oil to help with skin ailments from acne to psoriasis for years.

A natural antiseptic extracted from the leaves of the Australian tea tree, tea tree oil can help counteract bacteria and microbial growth making it especially useful in the battle against acne prone skin.

Tea tree oil is also a great natural solution for getting rid of pimples. It contains natural antibacterial properties making it an excellent alternative to harsh synthetic chemicals like benzoyl peroxide and will not strip your skin of its natural oils.

Top 3 Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Acne

  • Anti-inflammatory (it will help reduce redness, irritation, and swelling – which will help shrink pimples faster)
  • Anti-bacterial / antiseptic (prevents infection)
  • Solvent (can breakup the build up of oil, dirt or debris clogging your pores)

Tea tree oil is one of the few essential oil that can be applied directly to acne and skin and can help speeding up healing of pimples and breakouts, Once you learn how to use tea tree oil, it can become an effective tool in your battle against pimples.

Will Tea Tree Oil Work for Everyone?

Short answer is no. While tea tree oil is great for acne, 100% pure tea tree oil might be too concentrated for some people. However, all is not lost as you can simply make a DIY acne solution by diluting pure tea tree oil with a neutral carrier oil of your choice.

Some studies in Australia has shown that a 5 percent solution of tea tree oil works just as well as the top drugstore acne remedy, benzoyl peroxide.

Dilute a few drops of tea tree oil with 20 to 40 drops of carrier oil of your choice e.g. jojoba, sweet almond, grapeseed or coconut and apply to the skin once or twice a day with a cotton swab.

Remember that your skin is unique and react best to a carrier oil that you have always been using without any complication. Store bought pre-diluted tea tree oil may contain other chemicals or been pre-diluted with a carrier oil that’s not suitable for you.

Be careful to not overuse it: while gentler than benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil can dry out your skin, triggering your body to overproduce its own oils and make your acne worse.

If you apply it to your face, stay out of the sun—tea tree oil can make you more sensitive to UV rays.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Acne

Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Acne – Getting pure tea tree oil will ensure that you don’t end up applying unknown chemicals or ingredients on your skin. Look at that label and make sure it say 100% pure tea tree oil, as products and their concentrations can vary.

Even if you plan on diluting the tea tree oil, purchase 100% tea tree oil. This will allow you to control what you use to dilute or mix into your oil.

If you are looking for the best tea tree oil for your acne, you have found the best place to buy  tea tree oil. Our Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure and from Australia. Want to get the Best Tea Tree Oil in Singapore?

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