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Where To Buy African Black Soap in Singapore

Where To Buy African Black Soap in Singapore

Where to buy African Black Soap in Singapore?

Not sure who sells 100% Authentic African Black Soap in Singapore?

Wondering where can I buy Raw Black Soap in Singapore?

Can African Black Soap be purchased online?

Great!! You have come to the RIGHT place! We sell 100% Authentic African Black Soap!

What is African Black Soap (ABS)?

Black Soap, Alata Samina, Ose Dudu or African Black Soap is a natural source of vitamins A & E and iron. For centuries, Ghanaians have used Black Soap to help relieve acne, oily skin, clear blemishes, rashes and various other skin issues. African Black Soap is excellent for removing makeup, dirt, and oil while leaving the skin clean with a fresh, healthy glow. African Black soap has been used to achieve beautiful skin among West Africans. Africans have also used this natural soap for bathing and washing their hair, great for removing make-up too!

Origins of Black Soap

Black Soap, Ose Dudu or Alata Samina has it’s origins among the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, but more widespread in use and production by the Ghanaians. The Yoruba words ose (“soap”) and dudu (“black”) literally translates to “the black soap”.  Legend has it that the black soap was introduced to Ghana many years ago, by Yoruba traders doing business in Ghana. These traders were women and many were in the business of selling tomatoes and peppers. They were called the Alatas (Pepper Sellers). Samina is an Akan tribal word for soap. The word Alata Samina, coined by Ghanaians, means ‘The Pepper Traders Soap’.

Real Traditional African Black Soap

Real Traditional African Black Soap is brownish-black in color, it is NOT BLACK. Commercially available black soap are typically dyed black with colorants. The real black soap is soft with an organic shape that can be molded in your hands. It has a delicate texture & a natural earthy smell. It is not oily or scented and melts easily if left in water. With regular use of real African Black Soap, your pimples, acne and blackheads will start to fade or disappear. It can also be a great makeup remover by itself. However, remember that the African Black Soap is a power house by itself and can be drying for certain skin textures. Always adopt a proper 3 step cleaning routine – wash, tone and moisturize.

Where to Buy Authentic African Black Soap in Singapore?

Unless you have the luxury of traveling frequently to Africa to buy from the local markets , you might wish to consider getting one that is locally available. So, where do we find Real Traditional African Black Soap in Singapore?  So to answer your question of Where Can I Buy Authentic African Black Soap in Singapore? From us, of course! : )

Check out our Raw African Black Soap (Authentic Dudu Osun) below. 


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