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Where to Buy Candle Wax in Singapore

Where to Buy Candle Wax in Singapore

Where to Buy Candle Wax in Singapore

Where to buy candle wax in Singapore to make your own candles? is a candle wax supplier in Singapore.

Our soy wax and beeswax in store are available in bulk wholesale quantities.

We are located at 80 Genting Lane #03-07, Singapore 349565.

Check out our candle wax, soy wax, beeswax, gel wax and more below!

Candle Making Supplies in Singapore

Wondering where to buy candle wax in Singapore or candle supplies near you? is a wholesale supplier of candle making supplies in Singapore.

You can purchase candle wax e.g. soy wax, beeswax, gel wax, candle fragrance oil, stearin (also known as stearic acid), candle wicks, candle containers and more in store to make your own candles.

Candle Wax

Some of the most commonly used candle waxes to make candles are paraffin, soy wax and beeswax.

At, we are a wholesale supplier of soywax and beeswax in Singapore.

Our candle waxes are made in USA and 100% pure.

Stearin (also known as Stearic Acid)

Stearin allows a candle to hold more color and makes it harder.

Known also as stearic acid, this additive makes candle wax more opaque, helps dyes and scents mix well with melted wax and reduces drips while burning.

At, we are also a wholesale supplier of plant-based stearin/stearic acid in Singapore.

Candle Wicks

A good wick suitable for the diameter of your candle ensures proper burning.

A wick too small will quickly drown in its pool of melted wax while a wick too big will make smoke, sputter and burn too fast.

At, we have a range of candle wicks sizes for you to choose.

Candle Containers

Glass containers or jelly jars are great for making candles because they are built to withstand high temperatures with cracking.

At, we have a range of candle glass containers for you.

Candle Wax Supplier in Singapore

At, we are a wholesale candle wax supplier in Singapore.

We provide candle makers in Singapore with bulk candle waxs e.g. soy wax, beeswax to make their soy and beeswax candle in Singapore.

Now you can stop wondering where to buy candle wax in Singapore.

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