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Where to Buy Menthol Crystals

Where to Buy Menthol Crystals in Singapore

Where to Buy Menthol Crystals

Looking for Menthol Crystals in Singapore?

Looking for where to get menthol crystals in Singapore or how to melt menthol crystals? What do menthol crystals dissolve in? If you are looking for top quality menthol crystals and wants to find out more on how to use them, you have come to the best place in Singapore to buy and learn about them. Singapore Soap sells Top Quality USP Grade Menthol Crystals in Singapore!”

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Where to Buy Menthol Crystals in Singapore

Are you looking for ingredients to add a cooling sensation to your DIY products, lotion, cream, balm and ointment? Then you need Pure Menthol Crystals but where can you buy Menthol Crystals in Singapore? What is Menthol Crystals? Where are these crystals sold in Singapore?

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What is a Menthol Crystals?

The organic compound Menthol occurs naturally within the Mentha arvensis botanical’s secretory gland cells through the process of biosynthesis. Also known as Cornmint, Wild Mint, Field Mint, Japanese Mint, Chinese Mint, or Brazilian Mint, the Mentha arvensis plant is the main Mint variety that is used to obtain Menthol Crystals as well as natural Menthol flakes.

Menthol crystals are produced naturally through Mint (Mentha arvensis) essential oil extraction. It is a waxy, crystalline substance that is colorless, clear or white in color. Solid at room temperature and melts slightly above, menthol crystals can give a fresh, cool and tingling sensation to your DIY products, lotions, creams, ointments and balms.

In ancient times, although Menthol Crystals had not yet been discovered, the Peppermint plant was used throughout several cultures to address symptoms of colds, such as coughs, and respiratory ailments. Peppermint leaves were chewed to eliminate foul breath and to ease throat soreness, and they were used to make poultices to soothe skin afflicted with cuts, wounds, burns, and boils. Some cultures, such as Asian, Egyptian, and Greek cultures, used Peppermint leaves in culinary applications. Eventually, by the 19th century, Menthol arrived in America and gradually gained popularity for its effectiveness in easing various types of pain as well as nausea and congestion.

Menthol Crystals Uses

Menthol’s crystals are commonly used in cosmetics, lip balms, creams, toothpaste, mouth freshners, cough drops and shampoos. Some of the common uses of Menthol Crystals are as follows

  • Aromatherapy – Menthol crystals promote easier breathing, temporarily relieve nasal congestion, soothe sore throats, alleviate fever symptoms, coughs, headaches, and sinus discomforts, support immunity, and stabilize the emotions.
  • Cosmetics – Menthol Crystals contribute a cooling sensation to the skin, calm irritation, itching, and burning, eliminate blackheads and whiteheads, diminish the appearance of dark spots and age spots, and promote clearer skin. They also cleanse and moisturize the skin, leaving it looking radiant, firmer, and smoother.
  • Dermatology – Used in hair, Menthol Crystals regulate oil production, remove dandruff buildup, eliminate or reduce the number of lice and nits, repair damage, remove pollutants and excess sebum, alleviate inflammation and irritation, stimulate circulation, purify the strands, promote the hair’s natural luster, and encourage the growth of longer, stronger, and more lush hair.
  • Medicinal – their cooling sensation makes Menthol Crystals ideal for addressing aches, pain, cramps, sprains, and irritation. They help relax muscles while easing tension headaches, nausea, dizziness, and they can be used as decongestant agents for their ability to promote the feeling of airways opening up.

How to Melt Menthol Crystals?

In their natural state at room temperature, Menthol Crystals appear to be colorless or white, solid but small, brittle, satiny crystalline matter with a waxy texture. It is soluble in alcohol, essential oilspropylene glycol and carrier oils like olive but not in water. They melt between 105 to 111 degrees Fahrenheit or 42 to 44 degrees Celcius.

If you are wondering how to melt menthol crystals for your DIY products, check out this simple guide on how to dissolve Menthol Crystals to make your very own Menthol Crystal infusion or solution.

Things You’ll Need

Step 1: Fill a pot with water and place it on a stovetop until it comes to a boil.

Step 2: Pour alcohol or oil into a heat-safe bottle and put the bottle into the hot water. Keep the bottle covered while it is in the water so the alcohol doesn’t dissipate. Note: please be careful when using alcohol around open-flame.

Step 3: Drop a single crystal into the bottle and see if it starts to melt. Move the bottle around to help the crystal combine or blend into the liquid inside.

Step 4: Ratios of 5 to 20 percent menthol are common but for home use start with a low percentage until you develop a feel for the potency of the crystals and your tolerance.

Step 5: Add the rest of the crystals into the bottle and remove the bottle from the water.

Step 6: Cover the bottle and shake the bottle vigorously until all of the crystals have melted into the alcohol or oil. Once your solution has cooled, you are ready to use your very own menthol crystals infusion or solution.

Note to self: 

  • Always keep the melted crystals solution in a tightly sealed container to retain their potent scent.
  • Do not use disposable plastic bottles because they will melt and deform in the hot water.

Where to Buy Menthol Crystals in Singapore?

So, where can we Buy Menthol Crystals in Singapore? From, of course! : ) If you are looking for quality USP grade Natural Menthol Crystals, you are at the best supplier in Singapore for menthol!

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[1] U.S.P. Grade – A chemical grade that is of sufficient purity to meet or exceed requirements of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP); which are deemed acceptable for food, drug, or medicinal use; may be used for most laboratory purposes.

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