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Where to Buy Olive Oil Soap in Singapore

Where to Buy Olive Oil Soap in Singapore

Where to Buy Olive Oil Soap in Singapore

Olive oil soap are deeply moisturising and nourishing for skin. Singapore Soap is the leading manufacturer of olive oil soap in Singapore. Buy an olive oil based soap with home delivery today.

Olive oil soap are wonderful natural treatment for your skin and hair. Packed with antioxidant and Vitamin E, it is renowned for nourishing, cleansing, moisturising and hydrating skin of all ages.

By using an olive oil based soap, you will be able to enjoy the same skin nourishing benefits. If you are looking for the best olive oil soap in Singapore, check out our Castile Olive Oil Goat Milk Soap (Unscented) here.


What is Olive Oil Soap

Olive oil is a common ingredient in many soaps today, mainly because of its inherent nourishing and moisturizing properties. On its own, it can treat hair and relieve skin dryness.

In soap form, it’s considered the best treatment for dry and flaky skin. It nourishes skin without stripping it off of its natural skin functions.

It can also be used as a body wash for people with sensitive skin. It has a lower pH than commercial soaps because it has zero petroleum oil, animal fats, and foaming agents – all of which cause skin irritation and dryness.

Our handmade olive oil soaps are made thru the renowned cold process soap making method. Made with quality olive oil, an olive oil based soap are known to be very mild but cleans effectively.

Olive oil soap cleans your skin without stripping away the natural oils — so you don’t end up dry and flaky after it’s use.

History of Olive Oil Soap

Where did olive oil soap first come to be? It is said that ancient Greeks and Egyptians used olive oil not just in culinary applications, but also as a beauty product. They used it to obtain shinier and softer hair, as well as fight premature signs of aging.

Soap making dates backs to the first century AD, with early written records describing how soap was produced in crude form by the Romans.

Olive oil soap is thought to have originated in the eastern Mediterranean, which was historically known as the Levant. Here, the soap was referred to as Aleppo soap, after one of the main cities in the region where olive oil and laurel oil were mixed together and cured in bars.

The exact creation date of this sort of soap is unknown but there are rumors that olive oil soap was gifted to Queen Cleopatra and other monarchs during their reign, however these claims have not been substantiated with proof.

Olive oil-based soap is believed to date back to the 11th century, when bars were reputedly brought back to Europe by the Crusaders.

However, early soap-makers in England did not have easy access to laurel oil and dropped it from their formulations, thereby creating an olive-oil soap now known as Castile soap.

Traditionally, named after the olive oil-based soaps originating in Castile, Spain, a pure castile soap was made from olive oil only.

Since then a castile soap has evolved over time to be known as a soap made from oils of vegetable origins only i.e. no animal fats.

Olive Oil Soap Benefit for Skin

Olive oil are increasingly known worldwide for its ability to nourish your skin naturally, repelling bacteria and anti-aging benefits are making its way into beauty stores all over the world.

Handmade olive oil soap, unlike commercial “soaps”, does not contain synthetic cleaners and fragrances that can block your pores and cause irritation.

A handmade olive oil soap can be made thru either a cold or hot process soap making. Unique to handmade soap made thru these process, it contains naturally occurring glycerin, that is highly moisturizing. Glycerin is a humectant that absorbs water from the air and leaves your skin moist.

Did you know that commercial “soap” producers usually remove the glycerin from their products to use for other purposes?

Here, we shall highlight five of the top benefits of using natural olive oil soap regularly.

Its 100% natural soap

Olive oil comes from the olive tree. It is as natural as it comes. It contains innate anti-aging properties that improve skin tone and texture, instead of adding to the aging process. This is a problem for most commercial skin care items today because they contain artificial oils, animal fats, and other harmful chemicals. Olive oil gives a smooth complexion and healthy skin without harming the skin’s natural structure.

Naturally anti-aging

Containing polyphenols and oleic acid, olive oil is an effective anti-ager, working to improve skin tone and texture, and combat the signs of aging.

Additionally, because it’s so nourishing, olive oil can replenish the oils lost by the skin as we get older, giving the complexion a smoother, plumped-up appearance and minimizing wrinkles.

Suitable for all skin types

Olive oil soap and other products can be used by everyone, from babies to the elderly, and are suitable for all skin types. Olive oil is hypoallergenic, which means it won’t cause a nasty reaction when applied to skin.

Even the most sensitive skin will absorb the goodness in olive oil without flaring up, and the natural ingredient can be used to moisturize infants’ skin and provide relief from conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It’s even used as a natural remedy for sunburn.

Promotes healthy skin

Rich in antioxidants, olive oil contributes to healthier skin by reversing oxidation and repelling damage-causing, unnatural free radicals responsible for breakouts, diseases and health problems.

The antioxidants in olive oil fight off these free radicals and reduce oxidation, helping your body produce essential proteins and keeping your skin clear, healthy and pimple-free.

Soothes skin conditions

Living with dry skin conditions like eczema or a problematic complexion as a result of acne can be difficult; olive oil is a known remedy for all kinds of skin complaints, moisturizing dry patches and penetrating the skin without clogging pores.

Because of its potent antioxidant power and anti-inflammatory properties, olive oil can also prevent these skin conditions by repelling free radicals

Where to Buy Olive Oil Soap in Singapore

Now that you are aware of the benefits of olive oil based soap, are you wondering where to buy the best olive oil soap in Singapore?

At Singapore Soap, we are the leading natural handmade soap manufacturer in Singapore. If you are looking for the best olive oil soap in Singapore, consider our Castile Olive Oil Goat Milk Soap (Unscented) here.


The benefits of an olive oil soap are more than you can count. Do you want healthy, beautiful, youthful, and radiant skin? Give it a try and see the wonderful effects for yourself.

Don’t be fooled by the ‘natural ingredients’ marketing claims by manufacturers; when picking out a soap, always check the label on the reverse and see if you can make out exactly what’s inside the soap. After all, you’ll be putting it on your skin, where the ingredients are absorbed.


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