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Where to Buy Pure Frankincense Oil in Singapore

Where to Buy Pure Frankincense Oil in Singapore

Where to Buy Frankincense Oil in Singapore?

Where to buy Frankincense Oil in Singapore? Which essential oil supplier in Singapore sells top quality frankincense oil in Singapore? Frankincense Oil is a plant based essential oil extracted from the resin of the Boswellia carterii Tree. Frankincense (literally translated as high quality incense from the Old French language franc encens) is one of the best skin healers in the essential oil world, right up there with lavender. It is known to calms inflammation and have antioxidant and skin healing properties. [1]

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To help you maximise the benefits of Frankincense essential oil, we will also be covering a few topics like;

  • What is Frankincense Oil?
  • What are the benefits of Frankincense Oil?
  • What are Frankincense Essential Oil Uses?

What is Frankincense Oil

Frankincense Resins

Frankincense Resins

For thousands of years frankincense has been know by the ancient world for its healing and spiritual properties. Used as an incense, a preservative in the embalming process, a perfume, cosmetic ingredient and an offering to the gods by ancient Egyptian [2], frankincense resins oozes from wounded tree’s trunk or branch, the resin comes out from within the tree naturally to heal the wound. This miraculous resin protects the tree and promotes self-healing. These exuded resin will hardened to become what many call frankincense tears. It is through distillation of the resin tears, Frankincense essential oil are produced.

Benefits of Frankincense Oil

The main therapeutic properties of frankincense oil are antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, analgesic, astringent, sedative, expectorant, antibacterial and calming [3]. It is thought to bring peace and balance and encourages a meditative state.

Uses of Frankincense Oil

Uses for Body Care: Dry skin, mature skin and wrinkles

Uses for women: Wrinkles, painful period

Uses for Babies and Children: Dry skin, expectorant, calming.

Uses for the Home: First-aid kit.

Use for Travel: Dry skin.

Information credits [3]

Where to Buy Pure Frankincense Oil in Singapore

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